Environment Statement

Wherever possible, we always use FSC or PEFC accredited paper and consumables from sustainable sources. We constantly update and amend all our procedures to ensure we reduce impact on the environment. The printing ink we contain the maximum level of materials from renewable resources such as vegetable oils, vegetable oil derivatives and alkyd and rosin based resins. These inks when used in association with a suitable fountain concentrate designed for alcohol-reduced operation together with appropriate procedures in the print shop can be used as part of a program to reduce the use of Isopropyl Alcohol. Under good conditions our inks can be printed alcohol-free.

The plates used to print are the latest technology process-less plates called “Sonora XP” produced by Kodak. Sonora XP Plates enable you not only to remove chemistry, water, energy, waste and VOCs from plate making but they are capable of printing with recycled paper and board-stock, soy based inks and IPA free founts often used to produce “greener” print.